Deda Elementi seatposts are compatible with any bicycle frame that are equipped with a 27,2 mm or 31,6 mm inner diameter seat tube.

Deda Elementi seatposts (ROAD series) are designed and tested for road use. MUD seatposts (MTB series) are designed and tested also for off-road use. Do not use the DEDA ELEMENTI and MUD components for Freeride, Dual Slalom, Downhill, and generally for al

Deda Elementi seat post are designed to carry a maximum fully equipped rider’s weight of 110 kg (242 lbs).

Deda Elementi seatposts are designed to fit sport saddles with 7 mm rail diameter and 43 mm rail spacing. They are also compatible with oval-type carbon rails : 7 mm width / 9,

Deda Elementi carbon seatposts are designed to operate properly if fitted with a tightening torque between 5 Nm and 6 Nm. It is recommended to start tightening the fixing screws at the minimum torque of 5 Nm. If necessary, increase the torque up to 6 N

handlebars & stems

Deda Elementi and MUD stems are available in several diameter option: 26,0 mm, 31,7 mm or 35,0 mm. Based on to the purchased model it is recommended to chose the handlebar with the same diameter. In the market some manufacturers indicate 31,7 or 31,8 the

The Deda Elementi / MUD stems and handlebars are designed to be mounted exclusively with Deda Elementi / MUD stems and handlebars. It is recommend to always use DEDA ELEMENTI and MUD handlebar and stem together because they are manufactured to guarantee t

Deda Elementi offers a wide range of stems with different angles, from 70° to 84°. The stem angle is measured between the fork steerer clamp axis and the stem body virtual

Deda Elementi 70° angle stems (i.e. Zero100 Team and Pista) feature a negative angle (-20°).Deda stems with more common 82° angle (i.e. Superleggero, Superzero, 35

All Deda Elementi stems are designed to be fitted with Deda Elementi carbon or alloy handlebars. Note: Superleggero / Superleggero RS stem model Superleggero and Superleggero RS stem models are compatible with Deda Elementi carbon handlebars only.

Deda Elementi handlebars are designed to operate properly within a stem bolts tightening range of 4 Nm to 5 Nm. We recommend you to tighten the stem bolts using a torque wrench starting with a minimum torque of 4 Nm. If the handlebar stem is not tight eno

The stem length and angle are determined as shown in the image below. If you replace a Deda Elementi stem with 82° angle with Alanera in the same length, you will not find a noti

Before starting the installation of the shifting/brake levers on the Deda Elementi handlebars please check that they do not have burrs or sharp edges, as they can cut or make indentations in handlebars. Deda Elementi handlebars are designed to operate pro

All Deda Elementi handlebars featuring RHM shape have 75mm reach and 130mm deep. Take a look at below schema for further explanations.

RHM stand for Rapid Hand Movement. A compact geometry that allows an easier access to shifter/brake lever and faster transition from drop to bar-end.

All Deda Elementi road handlebars (except the following models: Zero1, Zero, Speciale26, Piega, Pista) feature a specific hole for the installation of new bar-end type unit. The compatibility is guaranteed for both system, Shimano® and Campagnolo®.

Superzero handlebar series features an aero top section profile and a limited room at the clip-on clamps disposal, for this reason all the Deda Elementi Fastblack2, Parabolica extension series, Carbon Blast or Metal Blast can not be assembled. The only co

It depends on your riding position and shoulder/body shape. We recommend you to ask for a good advice to a professional shop or bio-mechanic. Bars that are too wide can put pressure on neck and arms, and will make the riding position a bit uncomfortable.

Yes, the central area of handlebar features a standard 31,7mm round section.

Deda Elementi manufactures a wide range of stems available with 10mm increment from size 50 to 140mm, depending the stem model. We remind you that stem manufacturing process requires up to 3mm length tolerance, so it could happen to find this difference o

Superzero stem features an asymmetrical 2-piece faceplate design to match the stem design. You can refer to the card delivered with the stem that well explain how t


Deda DCR - Compatible bicycle models list

Deda DCR - Topcover adapters overview


We do not have any specific restriction for Deda Elementi wheels because as a part of the approval procedure we run fatigue tests up to 120kg. We believe this internal standard covers any rider + bike configuration. As a recommendation we guarantee the wh

Yes, Deda Elementi wheels are UCI approved according to the required norms and can be used by Professional Teams or amateurs cyclists in any official UCI competitions. We recommend customers to check the list of UCI approved wheels before proceeding the p

Deda Elementi wheels for clincher tires are also tubeless-ready compatible. The use of tubeless tires require a specific tubeless tape and valves that must be installed on the rim. From September 2020 Deda Elementi wheels for clincher tires are delivered

Deda Elementi SL45DB and SL30DB wheels feature an asymmetric rim design. To use tubeless tires you must install a special washer adapter between rim and tubeless valve. The washe

A conversion kit from thru axle to quick release is available for all Deda Elementi disc brake wheels models. Spare parts can be purchased through the official Deda Elementi Distributors and Dealers