Loop Tape

The new Loop bar tape is a professional level addition to your bike with incredibly light weight and outstanding comfort. This bi-color grip has a unique aesthetic and comes in many different color combinations. The tape comes with aluminum end plugs in the same color as the tape. It is made with two different layers for a final thickness of 2.5 mm and 200 cm length to strike the perfect balance of lightness, durability and grip. The tape features an adhesive gel which makes it easy to wrap and keeps the handlebar clean once it is removed.

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Tech Specs

Loop bar tape

  • Material: PU tape combined with EVA foam
  • Length: 200 cm
  • Thickness: 2,5 mm
  • Colours: Black/Red (DEDATAPE600)
    Black/Silver (DEDATAPE601)
    Black/Green (DEDATAPE602)
    Black/Yellow (DEDATAPE603)
    White/Black (DEDATAPE604)
    White/Red (DEDATAPE605)
    White/Blue (DEDATAPE606)
    Black/POB (DEDATAPE607)
    Black/Brown (DEDATAPE608)
    Black/Celeste (DEDATAPE609)
  • Weight: 86 g (End-plugs excluded)