Zero2 Handlebar

The Zero 2 handlebar bar has a slightly aero cross-section, creating a pleasant grip when not on the hoods. It features the famous RHM shape (Rapid Hand Movement) and is for riders who want to switch from the tops to the drops, regularly and comfortably. Made in double butted 6061 aluminium with standard cable groves front and rear. The gloss finish adds a touch of class for a high-end handlebar at competitive price. Available in three sizes from 42 cm to 46 cm, the handlebar comes with POB (polish on black) finish.
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Tech Specs

Zero2 handlebar

  • Shape: RHM Rapid Hand Movement
  • Material: Double butted Alloy 6061
  • Diameter: 31,7mm
  • Reach: 75mm
  • Drop: 130mm
  • Sizes: POB: 42cm (Z2POB42)
    44cm (Z2POB44)
    46cm (Z2POB46)
  • Measurement: outside to outside
  • Weight: 295g (42cm)
  • Finish: POB (polish on black)